M5 Oldbury Viaduct

Hankinson Painting Group are the specialist painting contractor on the Area 9 ASC for Kier Services, formerly EM Highways. Along with our key specialist supply chain partners (Marmac Fabricators, Lyndon Scaffolding, Hempel Paints, and R&C Williams) and Early Contract Involvement (ECI) with local authorities and stakeholders on this and similar previous schemes, we have built up a reputation as a team who supply a quality service to budget and on programme, with minimum disruption to the general public and road users.

The works to the above mentioned scheme commenced in April 2015 and involved the abrasive blasting (Sa 2 ½) and application of Highways Agency Type 1(M) Paint System to 16 transverse box beams where the existing paint system had failed, and the replacement of 40No access hatches to the same 16 box beams, and the renewal of all existing gutters located on each beam, spread over 4 locations in the Oldbury area of the West Midlands (United Kingdom), spanning Highways and Waterways (A457 Birmingham Road and the Birmingham Canal), local businesses, and private dwellings.

Access to each location was gained using a combination of tube and fitting scaffold and mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPS). Each location was fully encapsulated using Envirowrap sheeting of the scaffold to remove the risk of dust and noise contamination of a environmentally sensitive location. Where scaffold could not be erected, MEWPS and vacuum recovery (closed loop) blast systems were used.

The paint system (4 coats) applied to the steelwork was applied using a combination of airless spray equipment and brush application to a minimum dry film thickness(DFT) of 350 microns.

Using our Inspection Test Plan (ITP), each operation carried out on this scheme was inspected and passed after each stage completed, and all ambient conditions were taken and recorded to ensure the system was applied as per the specification. Noise, air, and water sampling were carried out throughout the works with the relevant measures in place to prevent contamination of the environment (noise dampening, encapsulation and dust extraction).

All waste generated on this project (spent abrasive, paint tins, etc.) was taken from site by specialist waste carriers and disposed of correctly at the appropriate landfill site.

The programme for this scheme to be completed was 25 weeks, with early contract involvement (ECI), weekly site meetings, the close involvement of the supply chain, the use of a 2 week look ahead programme, and the correct allocation of specialist labour to carry out the works. The Oldbury Viaduct Hatch Replacement and Painting Scheme was completed in 24 weeks and under budget.