Internal reline and application of an external protective coating system - Dolgarrog Hydro Station

Hankinson EPIC have recently completed a successful internal reline, and application of an external protective coating system, to one of the Francis 10MW turbines at Dolgarrog Hydro Station.

Dolgarrog Hydro station was originally built to supply power to an aluminium plant in the Conwy Valley in 1907, and extended in the 1920s. The aluminium plant has since closed but the power station, now owned by RWE Innogy, continues to operate, supplying electricity to the National Grid.

Working closely with the principal contractor on site, Hankinson were awarded the contract to refurbish unit 2 turbine, unit 1 refurbishment having already been completed by Hankinson EPIC staff in 2012. The contract initially involved provision of a fully encapsulated shrink wrap containment over the work area, subsequent abrasive blasting to the internal surfaces of the runner casing and draft tube. Following on from the initial preparation, application of a glassflake coating system to provide corrosion protection and enhance efficiency of the turbine. 

The specialist applications team of Dean Sanders and Marc Morrow have delivered this project to the highest standard under full inspection criteria. High Health and Safety Standards, within the project schedule constraints and to the agreed budget.