EPIC Targets Further Nuclear Opportunities Back

Date published: September 22, 2017

Following a visit and initial review by John Oliver from the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (ARMC), EPIC have commenced the ‘Fit For Nuclear’ programme (F4N).

F4N is a unique service to help UK companies get ready to bid for work in the civil nuclear supply chain.

It has been developed by the Nuclear AMRC with the support of its top tier partners, including nuclear new build developers and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. These industry leaders are using F4N to identify potential companies for their own supply chains.

The Fit For Nuclear programme will measure our operations against the standards required to supply the nuclear industry, and helps take steps to close any gaps.

Stephen Hankinson, Group CEO said: “We recognise that the Nuclear Sector offers tremendous opportunities for the future in operations, decommissioning and new build. Although we are already working within the sector we wanted to ensure that we further demonstrated our commitment to the sector by completing the Fit For Nuclear programme.”

When EPIC completes the programme, they will be the first painting contractor to do so.

Work to complete the programme involves all of the senior management team at EPIC. Jason Bennett, contracts manager said: “It will require a lot of hard work and effort to obtain this accreditation. Once achieved we will be the only coatings company to hold it in the UK. This alone will show the top tier nuclear companies that we have the dedication and necessary skills to carry out work for them to the highest level.”