Industrial Insulating Coatings

Hankinson EPIC are approved Specialist Applicators of Mascoat and offer a line of coatings that can be applied on many different pieces of equipment and machinery in any number of environments and facilities.

Products in the Mascoat family include:-

Mascoat Industrial - DTI

Capable of thermally insulating up to 375° (190°C), this coating is perfect for a myraid of applications. Personnel protection, energy savings and protection from Corrosion Under Insulation are just a few of the benefits.

Mascoat Industrial - AC (Anti-Condensation)

The first branch to come off of the Mascot Industrail tree. AC is the coating that reduces or completely stops condensation from happening, depending on the thickness of the coating of the application.

Mascoat Industrial - HR (Highly Reflective)

Perfect for tanks that need to be protected from solar loading, the coating has highly reflective particles to block the sun's rays from heating up the contents inside.

Used alone or together (in special circumstances), the Mascoat Industrial line of insulating coatings is able to solve many problems prevalent throughout an industrial facility from food processing to chemical refining.


"Hankinson EPIC has proved time and time again that they can deliver extensive quality and superior service. Mascoat is extremely glad to have Hankinson EPIC as our Approved Applicator for our complete range of coatings. We already have some very exciting projects under our belt and we are looking forward to all future projects with the Hankinson Painting Group".

Ralph Maas

Business Development Manager, Mascoat