Containment Systems

Hankinson EPIC have significant experience of applying secondary containment coatings. We understand the critical nature of the system is providing protection to avoid hazardous and or corrosive substances leaking through and contaminating adjacent areas. We work closely with the major manufacturers in ensuring the client's objectives are met. Our work has been in various sectors including chemical and biotechnology.

Bio-Containment Systems (Category 4)

Successful decontamination is essential in protecting laboratory workers. It also reduces the likelihood of cross contamination. The decontamination regime can be as simple as washing with detergent and water through to steam cleaning.

It is therefore crucial that the coating systems are effective enough to create a contained area whilst the cleaning process takes place. Coatings must be seamless between ceiling / wall and wall / floor junctions. We have gained valuable experience in developing successful jointing procedures where floor and wall coatings meet, working closely with designers and coating manufacturers.

CAT-4 laboratories require cleaning by liquid disinfection and fumigation including formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide vapour and chlorine dioxide gas.

The coating systems we apply are specifically designed to meet these rigorous operations.

As air pressures and temperature vary, the elastomeric coating system will resist and absorb impact without suffering damage.

With correct application and maintenance, systems will remain fully active against micro-organisms for ten years. A simple recoating process will restore protection fully.

Above: Spraying polyurea to a concrete surface with a pressure gun