Environmental Policy Statement

EPIC provides painting (including abrasive blasting and industrial and hygienic coatings), decorating and property maintenance services to a variety of clients across the UK. We recognise that our operations generate environmental impacts.

An Environmental Management System (EMS) has been developed and implemented, covering the management and operation of the Company. This policy statement documents the core principles of the EMS.

EPIC is committed to continual improvement and pollution prevention. Objectives and targets will be established and reviewed on a periodic basis. These will seek to address (amongst other issues) the following key aims:

- Improvement of waste management.

- Improvement of energy and fuel efficiency.

- Improve resource efficiency and use of materials from sustainable sources where possible.

- Improvement of awareness and understanding of environmental issues amongst employees.

EPIC commit to ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements, which may include tender specifications, any aspects associated with the business, and any other requirements from organisations to which the Group subscribes.

This document will be communicated and explained to all employees and staff working on behalf of the Organisation and is freely available to the Public.

S.R. Hankinson
Group Chief Executive